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Home Watch Services


The goal of Nextdoor Neighbor Homewatch is to look after your property regularly and provide the homeowner peace of mind while you are away. We provide custom, on-site, visual inspections of your home, making sure that everything is in order while looking for obvious issues. At each visit, we will do a complete walk-through of the entire property both inside and out.  Now you’re ALWAYS home!


Homewatch inspection



  • Inspect the interior of the entire home, performing a visual check of ceilings, walls, doors and windows for any signs of vandalism, forced entry, insects or rodents, or mold as well as make sure windows and doors are secure and locked.

  • Inspect electrical panel to make sure no breakers are tripped due to power surges or outages.

  • Report on water heater setting and adjust at client request.

  • Look for  any unusual sounds or odors.

  • Clear entryway of any debris first.   Store or recycle newspapers or fliers and store mail in homeowner's choice in the home, or forward to another address (at client request, extra fees apply).

  • Allow lighting to be left on, or place timers if necessary.

  • Note any signs of water leakage from interior sources, such as the hot water heater, dishwater, clothes washer hoses, irrigation connection,  on ceilings and under sinks.

  • Check air conditioning or heating temperatures. Temperature is recorded each visit and sent and filters are changed at the owner's request.

  • Flush all toilets, checking for normal function, and check for leaks.

  • Check and run all faucets and showers to make sure that the P-trap is full to avoid sewer gas from coming into the home, and to keep washers, gaskets and seals moist.

  • Check smoke detectors and replace batteries (additional hourly fee + cost of batteries).

  • Check for garbage and remove (extra fees may apply if large amounts are required to be disposed of)

  • Run garbage disposal to prevent failure.

  • Determine that the ice maker is turned off and empty.

  • Check the garage for anything out of the ordinary and report any issues.

  • Look for stains signs of water leaks, ceilings, windows and doors.

  • Look for any signs of pest presence.

  • See that all windows are locked and any sign of leakage.

  • Notice if the deck shows any sign of dry rot.

  • See that the refrigerator and freezer are set properly.

  • Run heating and air conditioning and make sure they are operable.

  • Check to see if humidity levels are sufficient if requested.

  • Look for signs of mildew and mold.

  • Correctly disarming security system and lock doors when leaving home.

  • IMMEDIATELY send report to customer of anything out of the ordinary found (Homewatch IT report collected and sent) 



  • Inspect the exterior of the entire home and property.

  • Look to see if gates and fences and all doors, screens and windows around the home have any obvious issues of damage, breakage, forced entry and vandalism.

  • Inspect to see if any broken branches on nearby trees that could be hazardous to people or the property.

  • Let homeowner know of any exterior home or yard maintenance.

  • Check the roof area to see if roofing material is damaged or signs of gutter leaks.

  • Look for any signs of rodent or pest issues around the exterior of the home.

  • Inspect water taps and irrigation connections for any leaks or drips.

  • Find the main water valve  and see that it is turned off unless the homeowner has requested water timers.

  • Inspect the exterior lighting and make sure that none are showing signs of damage or see if bulbs needs replaced.

  • Check the batteries of the entry door and see that the keypad works properly.

  • Walk the perimeter of the home and check for overall condition, erosion, signs of water leakage or drainage issues.

  • Look over all landscaping and make note of anything that needs attention.  

  • Make sure that there hasn't been any signs of break in at any door or window.

  • Collect mail from the mailbox and place in the appropriate location in the home.

  • Inspect all exterior walls of the home for any damage.

  • Look in the garage and notice any signs of damage, open and shut the garage door.

  • Check for any other signs out of the ordinary to the homeowner.

  • IMMEDIATELY report to customer of any needed and obvious issues found (Homewatch IT report collected and sent) 

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